About Sam

Sam J Mace.

Whilst Bad Books is his first published novel, Sam J Mace has been writing for over ten years. He started out by producing event reports for classic car magazines, before going on to write about automotive history: however, his heart was always in novels.

Before becoming a published writer, he was already writing novels (and even claimed to finish some of them), swinging between wildly different genres. These included detectives stories, Sci-Fi, comedy and horror.

Sadly, he deemed much of his early work to be “unfit for human consumption”, and after finding the manuscripts still collecting dust in a drawer, Sam claimed that he burned them, later dumping the ashes in his allotment compost bin.

His hobbies include enjoying his small collection of classic cars from the 1990’s, and of course, gardening.

Sam  lives and works in rural Northamptonshire, and is currently working on a second book.

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