About Sam

Sam J Mace.


Whilst Bad Books is my first published novel, I have been writing for around ten years. I started out by writing event reports for classic car magazines, before writing about automotive history: mostly focusing on Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.

Before getting published, I was already writing novels (I even finished some of them), swinging erratically between wildly different genres. These included detectives stories, Sci-Fi, comedy and horror.

Sadly, many of these works were unfit to be read by anyone. Two years ago I discovered the manuscripts still collecting dust, so I burnt them, later dumping the ashes in my allotment compost bin – a place that I go to for reflection and relaxation (the allotment itself, not the compost bin) and to let inspiration come to me.

Much of Bad Books came to me whilst watering marrows and spraying bug killer on broccoli. Do what you wish with that information.

Bad Books is the first of what I hope will be a long series of books featuring Frank.

The second book is rumbling along the pipeline right now, and I’ll carry on working on it as soon as I’ve watered my marrows.

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